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Promoting Healthy Growth… The Way Nature Intended

​Introducing the most innovative solution for healthy physical development. By reducing environmental factors associated with SIDS cases, Crescent Womb creates the safest environment for your baby outside of a parent’s arms.

Our patented design was inspired by a mother’s embrace. Crescent Wombs breathable mesh and durable, all natural materials create the optimal sleep environment to soothe your baby and give you peace of mind.

Our non-toxic, hypoallergenic mesh is designed to provide your baby with natural support, enabling them to self soothe and feel safe as if being held.

Safe sleep for baby and peace of mind for parents. Rest, Assured.

Our Birth

Founder, James Spencer, with daughter Stella, who was the inspiration for the Crescent Womb.

Necessity is the mother of invention. The birth of my daughter, Stella, was the most amazing thing to happen to me but with this miracle came fear, the same fear all new parents feel. With infants sleeping an average of 17hrs a day, a safe sleep environment is paramount.

Unfortunately, all of the “safer” options were too expensive for my budget as a college student, and none of them fully addressed my concerns with safe sleep. So I created something better.

By designing a sleep system that reduces risks associated with early infancy, I slept easier as a new father. As a 22-year-old student with a newborn, anything that helped me sleep better was a godsend.

Realizing I could help people with this idea, my mission became deeper. I wanted to disrupt complacency and I wanted to help a new generation get a head start. Most importantly, I hoped that Crescent Womb could be the catalyst to a more intimate, natural, and safe approach to early childcare.

I hope this product can bring a sense of relief to all new parents, just like it did for me, and help their little ones thrive, just like it did for Stella.

Thank you,

James Spencer


Through our prototyping we discovered that we had the ability to disrupt an industry. With our simple, affordable, and versatile design we’re able to challenge the status quo, while at the same time making this product available to every family.


Once we have children our main focus is their happiness. The first step we can take is creating an environment for them to thrive in. This was the catalyst behind Crescent Womb and remains our mission to this day.


​Crescent Womb is engineered to sooth babies while at the same time help them grow and keep them safe. Knowing your child is in the optimal environment takes a lot of stress off new parents. Less stress for baby and parent equals more time for the beautiful moments that accompany new parenthood.

Reduce Risk of Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly):​

Positional Plagiocephaly (aka Flathead Syndrome) can result from sleeping in a stationary position on a flat, firm mattress. Traditional baby mattresses put your newborn at risk. Crescent Womb® allows newborns head to be safely and comfortably held in our flexible mesh design.

Promotes self-soothing

The startle or “moro” reflex is a natural reflex for babies during early infancy. While this reflex is common some babies can startle themselves awake during sleep. Crescent Womb® can help newborns self-soothe with our breathable and incredibly flexible mesh allowing them to startle without waking up. Click here to see how this newborn self-soothes in her Crescent Womb®.

Ideal Microclimate

Because of the permeated mesh and the elimination of mattress pads or heavy bedding maintaining a healthy body temperature is a breeze, no pun intended. Crescent Womb® significantly reduces the risk of overheating and suffocation due to the 360 degrees of unrestricted airflow our breathable mesh provides the ideal microclimate for infants.   This is something we don’t take lightly since overheating is a leading factor with most SIDS cases.

Incredibly Versatile​

Crescent Womb is the first ever infant sleeper that you can truly take anywhere. Folding up to the size of the average baby blanket and weighing about the same. Crescent Womb® stuffs into a 3” x 5” sewn-in pouch making it easy to throw in a diaper bag and perfect to travel with. The portability of Crescent Womb®  allows your baby to maintain a consistent and healthy sleeping pattern, regardless of where your travels take you. Rest, assured.

Recreate the Womb to Ease the Transition

We didn’t choose the name Crescent Womb by chance. By mimicking the beneficial properties of the womb we have developed the optimal conditions to soothe and promote healthy development for babies. There are no dangerous hinges or electronics, just an ergonomic design that naturally replicates your embrace. Infancy is stressful. The first few months of a baby’s life are a major transition and growth period. Newborns are still very much adjusting to life outside the womb. Crescent Womb is designed to ease the transition from being in the womb to being in the world. To help them cope we re-created a womb-like environment. Supporting them with a soothing, familiar environment will also help soothe a colicky baby.

Healthy Spinal Curve

Healthy spine development is dependent on what is known as the “C Curve”. Traditional cradles force infants to lay flat. Research shows that keeping an infant’s spine straight can be detrimental. Crescent Wombs® flexible mesh promotes even weight distribution, taking pressure off baby’s hips and the back of their head to reduce risk of things like hip dysplasia. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that “prolonged sleep on a firm mattress can produce positional disorders and infants with decreased muscle tone (Short, 1996)”.