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ALWAYS USE CRESCENT WOMB AS DIRECTED. Crescent Womb is a safe and comfortable place for babies to sleep in and is ideal for safely easing the transition into crib sleeping. Crescent Womb™ is lightweight and incredibly easy to travel with. Crescent Womb™ provides a consistent, soothing and safe environment for babies anywhere.

Product FAQs

Is Crescent Womb hypoallergenic?

Yes, Crescent Womb is made from materials that cause fewer allergic reactions in infants; featuring military grade rip-stop nylon and highly breathable mesh.

What are the dimensions of Crescent Womb?

Crescent Womb itself is 21 inches wide x 43 inches long to fit a standard crib, but the straps add an additional 14 inches of adjustable length to accommodate larger cribs.

How does Crescent Womb benefit your family?

Our patented design was inspired by a mother’s embrace. Crescent Womb creates the optimal conditions to soothe your baby. Clinically controlled studies confirm that by providing physical contact, enclosure and rhythmic movement, young babies, whether term or premature, evidenced significantly improved physical development. Your peace of mind is important; you can rest assured knowing your little one is in the safest place outside of a parent’s arms.

Safety FAQs

What are the benefits of creating a healthy & non-toxic crib environment?

A healthy crib environment eliminates chemical by-products, like off-gasses, that can pollute nursery air. You want your infant to breathe only the healthiest, cleanest air. Learn more about why Crescent Womb is the best option for your baby.

Has Crescent Womb been tested for Safety?

Crescent Womb has been fully tested to CPSC, CCPSA, and EU safety standards by third party labs. All of our testing facilities are federally recognized and have A2LA accreditation. In addition to federally required compliance testing we have engaged in focus groups with countless moms and medical professionals throughout our product development. Prior to being released to the public Crescent Womb has also been field tested by parents and babies.

Can you tell me more about Crescent Womb safety standards?

We take our safety and quality certifications very seriously. Here is a chart showing all our components and certifications levels. Crescent Womb® is the only infant bed of its kind.  Our patented design creates the optimal conditions for your baby. Do not purchase DIY or imitator products as none have been safety tested and could be dangerous for your baby. Crescent Womb has been tested to international safety standards. Click here to see the rest of the safety specs.

Why is breathability so important?

Research shows that a sleep environment rich in oxygen is critical for cognitive and physical development in infants. It also helps them sleep longer and deeper. Crescent Womb applies this knowledge in all products by facilitating better airflow in and around the crib and by ensuring smarter temperature regulation at nap time and nighttime.

Will Crescent Womb products help prevent SIDS?

Will Crescent Womb products help prevent SIDS?

The causes of SIDS remain unclear and are still being researched. Experts believe SIDS may be related to low-level toxins found in some nurseries, but there is no definitive research to support this. In 2008, a medical research study from UC-Berkeley indicated that ventilation in a nursery may significantly reduce the occurrence of SIDS. Because SIDS may be related both to overheating and accidental asphyxiation, Crescent Womb is committed to maximizing natural airflow and breathability throughout its product line.

Do you use fire retardants in your fabric?

Our fabric is a nylon fiber that is NATURALLY flame retardant and safe for babies. Off gassing from flame retardant chemicals in other products has been linked to sleep hazards. We don’t think you should have to sacrifice some safety feature for another. Fully tested to CPSC standards as well as prop 65 regulations.

What is off-gassing and why is it important to prevent this in the nursery?

Synthetic materials can release chemicals into the air through evaporation. For instance, when you remove a standard infant mattress from plastic, you might smell a harsh odor. That’s off-gassing, and it can be toxic to infants. Crescent Womb uses only non-toxic materials to ensure that nursery air is cleaner and safer for infants. Learn more about why Crescent Womb is committed to using non-toxic materials.

Recommended Use FAQs

How do I attach my Crescent Womb?

Use the 4 adjustable straps to attach to the 4 corners of your crib. ALWAYS use and infant certified crib to attach. NEVER attach to other furniture or objects.


  1. Loosen straps and attach to the Crescent Womb portable frame or the four corners of your child’s crib. When installing in a crib be sure that straps are attached around the side and over the top of the crib bars.
  2. Once attached, tighten straps until Crescent Womb is taunt, be sure straps are pulled tight, but even, from all four corners. THERE SHOULD BE NO SLACK IN THE STRAPPING.
  3. Secure safety strap: pull excess strapping through orange loop and secure over the male end of the buckle.
  4. Wrap the excess strapping around the straps between the buckle and the crib/portable frame around the strap loop until the excess is tightly wound around and then use the velcro attach to itself. This will prevent any slippage of the strap through the buckle and keep excess strapping away from children and infants.

How Should I Position My Baby in Crescent Womb?

Infants should be placed in the center of the inner mesh, both on vertically and horizontally. This will further promote even weight distribution and give the baby a comforting sense of enclosure, similar to swaddling.

Where should Crescent Womb be used?

Crescent Womb should only be attached to a certified infant crib. It can also be used with the Crescent Womb frame. Always make sure that the attach structure is on a flat, firm surface.

What is the startle reflex and how does the Crescent Womb help?

The startle or “moro” reflex is a natural reflex for babies during early infancy. While this reflex is common some babies can startle themselves awake during sleep. Crescent Womb™ can help newborns self-sooth and prevent them from waking up due to the unique shape and function. As a result, you can expect a more restful sleep for both baby and parent.

Does the Crescent Womb help babies with colic?

The first few months of a baby’s life are a major transition and growth period. So much so it’s often referred to as the “fourth trimester.” Newborns are still very much adjusting to life outside the womb. To help them cope we re-created a womb-like environment. Supporting them with a soothing, familiar environment will also help soothe a colicky baby.

What belongs in the crib when my baby is sleeping?

Short answer: Nothing – According to the guidelines for infant safe sleep as established in 2011 by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Crescent Womb creates a safe, and comfortable space for your baby without having to add any additional items to the sleeping environment. Additionally, Crescent Womb recommends that parents and caregivers routinely examine the crib for any other extraneous or loose items that could present a safety hazard.

Should infants sleep face down on their Crescent Womb?

No. Back only. For maximum crib safety, doctors now believe that infants should sleep on their backs.

What is the recommended age or weight range for children sleeping in Crescent Womb?

Crescent Womb was created to ease the transition from being in the womb to being in the world. Crescent Womb is designed to be extremely beneficial during all stages of infancy. Statistically, the peak age for SIDS and other sleep related hazards is from 3-6 months. Newborns can use Crescent Womb from birth and babies typically begin transitioning into a crib or toddler bed when they are able to sit up un-assisted, attempting to crawl, or voluntarily rolling over. Crescent Womb™ is intended for babies approximately 5lbs-20lbs, although it has been weight tested to support in excess of 50 lbs. We recommend that as your baby shows signs of being able to independently roll over that you begin transitioning your baby into a crib.

How do I clean Crescent Womb?

For small spills wipe clean with warm water/add a gentle baby friendly soap if necessary. Be sure material is dry before use. For larger spills and unsanitary bodily fluids put in washing bag and machine wash delicate, air dry or dry on low heat

Can I really just wipe liquids from the surface of Crescent Womb?

Yes. Crescent Wombs high quality fabrics create liquid- and microbe-resistant surfaces, allowing most small messes to be wiped up for a quick and easy clean. Learn more about Crescent Womb here.

How do I travel with the Crescent Womb?

Folding up to the size of the average baby blanket and weighing about the same, Crescent Womb is perfect to travel with for new families. Being able to travel with your Crescent Womb means that your baby will have a consistent sleeping pattern, regardless of where your travels take you.

Ordering FAQs

Where is Crescent Womb sold?

Crescent Womb is sold at a variety of retailers throughout the United States, store map coming soon. You can also order crescent womb directly, anytime of day through www.crescentwomb.com!

Is there someone I can contact with questions?

Yes, please reach out via our contact page here. We appreciate your input and will respond promptly.

Can I purchase a gift and have it sent to a friend?

Yes. Choose a product, enter your billing information and the shipping address of your intended recipient. If you would like Crescent Womb to include a gift receipt and special message, please include in order notes.

Does sales tax apply to my purchase?

Crescent Womb is required by law to charge sales tax on orders billed to State of Florida addresses. The amount is calculated and itemized during the online ordering process. No sales tax is applied to orders billed outside of Florida.

I live outside of the United States. Can I order Crescent Womb products?

Yes, Crescent Womb ships worldwide through www.crescentwomb.com.

What is Crescent Womb’s return policy?

Simple. Easy. 30-day money back guarantee. We take great pride in our reputation for quality and excellent value. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with a Crescent Womb product purchased through crescentwomb.com, we’ll assist you with a stress-free return within 30 days from purchase, as long as the item is undamaged. Refunds for items returned within 30 days of the purchase date will be credited in the same form as the original payment type. Check out more on our return/shipping policy here.

Is my connection to the Crescent Womb Store secure?

Yes – always. To verify the security of your connection to the server, look at the URL line of your browser. When accessing a secure server, the first characters of the site address will change from http to https during checkout. The footer of our website has a list of all our SSL certificates as well.

What are my payment options?

Crescent Womb offers a variety of credit card payment options including Visa, Master Card, Discover Card and American Express. We also accept PayPal. Cash, check or money order are not accepted.

Do Crescent Womb’s products come with warranties?

Yes. All Crescent Womb products have 12-month warranties from purchase date available to their original purchasers only.

Under what circumstances would a warranty not apply when proof of purchase is provided?

In the instance where a product was purchased as a Final Sale, Floor Model, Flash Sale or as a resold/return to stock item, Crescent Womb will not cover under warranty.

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